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    (a) “The Facilities” mean those buildings and grounds of The Trust indicated on the booking form.
    (b) “The Centre Management Team” means the Centre Manager or Operations and Development Supervisors.
    (c) “The Hirer” means the person responsible for booking all or part of any of the facilities. If “The Hirer” is a club/organisation then the term “Hirer” includes all members of
    the club and the corporate body of the club. The contact details provided will be those used to manage the booking and payments.
    (a) The hirer shall comply with the rules and conditions for use of the leisure centre at all times throughout the period of hire.
    (b) The Trust reserves the right to attach additional conditions to any particular hiring of a facility.
    The scale of charges to be paid for the use of facilities and (if used) of any areas shall be in accordance with the scale laid down by the Trust or as determined by the Centre
    Management Team upon receipt of the hirer’s application, and shall be notified to the hirer upon the centres formal acceptance of the application.
    All applications must be made in writing on the official booking form for the centre.
    The full fee in respect of any application for the hire of facilities must be paid in accordance with the method agreed on the booking form i.e. on the day, before the stated
    booking time or by invoice before / after the booking start date. Invoices must be paid promptly, failure to do so may result in your booking being cancelled permanently
    and “The Hirer” may be referred to a debt collection agency.
    (a) In the event of a special/major event booking being cancelled by the hirer 14 days notice is required IN WRITING if the hirer is not to be charged the full hire fee.
    (b) In the event of a session from a block booking being cancelled by the hirer 7 days notice is required IN WRITING if the hirer is not to be charged the full hire fee.
    (c) In the event of the hirer giving written notice of cancellation of a block booking – thus cancelling the hire of a facility before the end of the agreed hire period – the hirer
    shall not be guaranteed the same facility on the same day and at the same times should he/she wish to re-apply for the same block booking at a later date.
    (d) In the event of the venue being required for any purpose connected with a national or local emergency, election or any Community based booking on any day on which the
    venue or part thereof is hired, the Trust reserves the right to cancel the hiring upon the refund to the hirer of all hiring fees in respect of the day or days for which the hiring
    shall be cancelled by the Trust. The Trust’s decision as to whether the venue is required for any of the aforesaid purpose shall be final and conclusive and the hirer shall not
    be entitled to any compensation for loss or damages (whether direct or indirect) as a result of such cancellation.
    (e) The Trust reserves the right to cancel any booking at short notice should any Health and Safety issues arise, this includes inclement weather. A refund / credit will be given
    where appropriate.
    (f) The application for the hire of facilities shall be of a commercial or non-commercial nature.. The Trust reserves the right to cancel a non-commercial booking in favour of a
    commercial booking. In the event of a non-commercial booking being cancelled by the Trust, at least 14 days notice of cancellation shall be given and a suitable alternative
    offered to those clubs/organisations who are requested to make way for higher priority bookings wherever possible.
  7. USER
    The hirer shall not use the venue for any purpose other than that indicated on the booking form and consequently accepted by the Centre Management Team.
    The hirer shall not assign the benefit of the hiring agreement without first obtaining the written permission of the Facility Manager.
    The maximum number of persons to be admitted to any activity / event shall be stated by the Centre Management Team.
  10. STAFF
    Apart from the staff on regular duty on the day of the activity/event there shall be no special staffing provision made by the Trust
    to accommodate the hire of a facility (unless prior agreement is made between the Centre Manager and hirer at the time of the booking confirmation). The hirer shall
    provide at his/her own expense all additional labour requirements and shall provide adequate staff for issuing and receiving tickets at the entrance to the venue (if
    applicable) and for the proper supervision of the activity / event.
    The Trust reserves the exclusive right to sell or supply refreshments and alcoholic liquor. If the hirer requires this provision he/she must give the Facility Manager at least
    28 days notice before the date of the activity/event. In the event of a bar being approved, alcoholic liquor will be sold subject to the times and conditions specified in the
    licence granted by the Magistrates’ Court to the Facility Manager or Contractors.
    If the Trust deems necessary, a Police presence will be requested by them for the duration of the activity/event and the fees for their attendance, which are additional to
    the hire fees set out in the scale of charges, must be paid by the hirer who shall be informed of this additional charge at the time of the application for the hire of
    facilities. Information regarding the scale of fees for Police attendance may be obtained from the Chief Constable.
    No sweepstakes, raffle or other form of lottery shall be promoted or conducted at the venue without the prior written consent of the Facility Manager.
    (a) Any charges arising out of the hiring arrangement and payable by the Trust to Performing Rights or Phonographic Performance Limited in respect of the playing of vocal or
    instrumental or dance music or the playing of gramophone records shall be paid by the hirer to the Trust forthwith before the activity/event.
    (b) Any charges incurred in respect of the performance of any dramatic or musical work or of the delivery of any lecture in which copyright exists without the consent of the
    owner of the said copyright or in respect of any other infringement of any subsisting copyright shall be paid by the hirer to the Trust forthwith before the activity/event.
    The hirer shall observe all statutory provisions, regulations and conditions relating to public music, dancing and singing and shall observe all conditions attached to any
    subsisting licence relating to the venue including those granted under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982.
    If required by the Trust, the hirer shall effect before the date of the hire of facilities, insurance cover in the joint names of the Trust and the hirer against the hirer’s liability
    for any amount to be prescribed by the Trust and shall produce evidence of such cover to the Trust.
    (a) The Trust and Centre Management Team reserves the right to refuse admission to any person.
    (b) The hirer shall be responsible for the maintenance of good order and discipline at the venue.
    (c) The Trust reserves for any duly authorised officer or servant of the Trust, Chief Constable or Chief Fire Officer the right of entry at all times to the venue and the right to
    remove any disorderly person or persons or any article which in the opinion of the Centre Management Team is a potential source of damage or danger.
  18. BREACH OF CONDITIONS In the event of a breach of any of the foregoing conditions by the hirer or his employees, agents, licensees or invitees, the Trust reserves the right
    to cancel the booking forthwith by giving written notice to the hirer or his/her representative and in so doing the Trust shall not be liable to refund any portion of the hiring
    fee to the hirer or be liable to the hirer or to any third party for compensation in respect of such a cancellation.
  19. Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time.

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