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Time for a workout?

Holywell Leisure Centre has a well equipped Technogym offering state of the art facilities.

We've got everything you need for a full body workout:


  • Treadmills
  • Cross trainers
  • Stairmasters
  • Rowing machines
  • Exercise bikes
  • Boxing punchbag


  • Free standing weights and kettlebells
  • Olympic size weight racks (with olympic bars)
  • Fixed resistance machines for both upper and lower body muscle groups
  • Plate loaded hip thrust machine
  • Stretching area
  • Easyline multi-station circuit area

The majority of our aerobic machines have multi media features (screens and docking stations) allowing customers to watch TV, listen to music and even check their social media whilst exercising. You can pay as you go for the gym, or see our monthly membership packages below.

Gym Memberships

What’s includedPrice
Premier AdultGym, Swim, Classes, Racquet Sports, Snooker£31
Premier Junior (Age 11-17)Gym, Swim, Classes, Racquet Sports, Snooker (pre 7pm)£20
Premier CorporateGym, Swim, Classes, Racquet Sports, Snooker + other incentives£29
Peak Adult (anytime)Swim, Classes £1£29
Peak Young Adult (Age 18-24)Gym, Swim, Classes £1£20
Off Peak Adult (till 5pm)Swim, Classes £1£22.50
Junior (Age 11-17)Gym, Swim, Classes £1 (pre 7pm)£15
Over 60’sGym£22
National Exercise Referral NERSGym, NERS classes£20

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