Ongoing works during Covid-19 shutdown

The Heart of our Community 

Here is an update just to let you know what has been going on during the closure.

We have been working very hard during the last three years to secure funding to replace the 50 year old boilers, without which the Centre would not be able to remain open. We have been successful in achieving this and would like to extend our thanks to Flintshire County Council and the Welsh Council for Voluntary Action (European Funding) who have both supported this project.

We are delighted to announce that this work started prior to lockdown, was temporarily suspended but resumed early May and is still ongoing.

We are sad to say “goodbye” to our Health Suite but unfortunately were left with no option due to the unacceptable condition of the concrete floor, 50 years had taken its’ toll and health and safety of our customers is our priority.

Please see below for a flavour of what has been going on during the past four months;

Concrete being pumped into Health Suite floor/Plant Room ceiling void.
Health Suite totally cleared, ready for new concrete floor in June 2020
And this is how the concrete for the new floor was pumped into the Health Suite, where there’s a will there’s a way!!
Orange boiler, another oldie! Installed circa 1970!
Pipework to be removed (beneath sub standard concrete ceiling/Health Suite floor)
Grey boiler, originally installed in 1969!
Red boilers, only 30 years old!

Steam Room and Infrared Sauna also removed during May 2020

30 year old Jacuzzi dismantled during May 2020

New steel fabricated ceiling installed to support new concrete Plantroom ceiling/Health Suite floor – July 2020.
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